Practice with Jac

I would love to welcome you to practice with me.

Classes in Yin Yoga & traditional vinyasa krama yoga (Yoga Traditional) are held regularly as well as events and workshops

Things to know


What to bring to class

For hygiene and to cultivate your own home practice discipline, it is recommended to have your own yoga mat.  Also valuable to a yoga practice are bricks or blocks, a yoga belt/strap and a blanket.  


Where can I buy a mat from?

A yoga mat is an integral part of your practice and once you come regularly to class you are advised to obtain your own to maintain a connection to your practice.

For years Jac has used and highly recommends Yogamatters for a great selection of mats and other yoga equipment.    


What should I wear in a yoga class?

Yoga is done barefoot so you can let your feet breathe freely.

Clothing-wise, a pair of leggings, or shorts, and a t-shirt or yoga vest.

Consider more fitted tops and leggings, or tucking your t-shirt into your shorts to prevent your top riding up during more vigurous practices and inversions.


Refrain from Eating 2 hours before class

Although a light snack about 30 minutes before hand might be OK for you, it is recommended to not eat a meal at least 2 hours (ideally 3) before a class as the practice will involve moving the body in ways which compress the abdominal organs (twisting, forward-folding, inverting) and this can sometime be deeply uncomfortable if food is undigested.


Arriving for a class

Try to arrive 10 minutes before the class start time to find your spot and to settle in.

A yoga practice space is especially cultivated by Jac to create a peaceful and tranquil space - so please bear this in mind fr the benefit of all. It disrupts the flow and energy of the class if people arrive late.

Do take off your shoes and socks before you enter the room where yoga is being practised.

If your are new to class and have not already done so, ensure to let the Jac now of any injuries, especially recent ones, so that she can give you modifications.


I'm not flexible!

I hear this all the time!

Yoga is a journey and we all start where we are. With a bit of patience and dedication to your health, you will very soon find that your yoga practice will help you become much more flexible and you will surprise yourself - along with improving your strength, co-ordination and overall well-being.

and in any event...

"Yoga is not about touching your toes - it's about what you learn on the way down". (JIgar Gor)

The physical aspects of yoga are just one part - which is where most of us start. In time,
you will find that it is a much richer and deeper journey and an intelligent way to look after all aspects of your body, mind and soul.

Yoga with Jac


Jivamukti Yoga

New York City meets the deep teachings of classical yoga... Jivamukti Yoga ® It is a unique and hugely popular method of yoga which confers enormous health and wellbeing benefits and is perfect for combatting the excesses and stresses of contemporary life. Jivamukti integrates deep philosophical teachings with rigorous vinyasa flow sequencing, with elevated intention and strong, steady breath to harmonise body, mind and spirit.

Classes are fun but always thought provoking and include intelligent sequencing of yoga postures, eclectic soundtracks of music - anything from Bob Marley to Beethoven, from classical India ragas, to sanskrit flavoured hip-hop, and sublime devotional music from yoga traditions. Classes will uplift, challenge, move and inspire you in even measure - physically, mentally and energetically. Each class is a rich experience in transcending the confines of the conditioned mind and letting go of your perceived limitations. You may also sweat!

Expect: meditation, deep relaxation, sanskrit mantra, philosophy (dharma talk).

You will leave a Jivamukti Yoga ® class feeling transformed in body, mind and energy and most likely a smile on your face...


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow, deep form of physical yoga practice drawing from the traditions of both yoga and the chinese energy system. We hold postures for longer periods of time, combined with breath and meditation. These longer-held positions facilitate the flow of energy (chi /prana) throughout the physical and 'subtle' or energy body, as well as releasing long-held tensions in the connective tissues of the body.

In a yin yoga class you are guided throughout in a meditative practice, often with Buddhist and mindfulness philosophy whilst doing the yoga postures, so as well releasing tensions in the body, the mind also enjoys profound relief from its habitual sprial of thinking.


Traditional (Hatha)Yoga

'Hatha' is the name for the science of yoga and incorporates most physical yoga practices.  Yoga Traditional is a practice which incorporates Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) ,longer held poses, kriya (yogic cleansing practices), meditation and relaxation. These classes are 'open' level with options for different levels of experience but are not beginner level.



Meditation is an ancient practise which is more relevant to todays stresses than ever. It is literally the practice of resting in the stillness of our own being, practising awareness and experiencing the peace and space which exists beneath the endless stream of thoughts which we have from moment to moment. Meditation leads to many profound sparks of inspiration and a more intelligent and less destructive relationship with our thought patterns. A regular meditation practice can be a precious antidote to the stresses of lives most of us live today.

Anyone at all can meditate - you just need to start.

All Jivamukti Yoga classes will always contain an element of meditation, as dhyana (the sanskrit word for meditation) is one of the 5 tenets of Jivamukti yoga.  

Meditation can be taught 1:1 or in groups so do get in touch for more information.


Mantra & Kirtan

The practice of chanting (Sanskrit) mantra is as ancient as the practice of yoga. Today, the benefits of mantra practice are that it is a deeply restorative in its effect and helps the practiitoner to 'cut through' the layers of mental tension to experience a clearer and more peaceful state of being.

Our Kirtan events are beautiful soulful and uplifting gatherings where music is played on the harmonium and sanskrit mantra is sung by the teacher leading the kirtan and everyone else joins in, creating a wonderfully joyful vibraton of sound and energy.

Class Types


Group Classes

Classes typically consist of bewteen 8 and 16 students to keep comfort and safety in mind.

Yoga poses taught will generally have a variety of options, which will enable you to
practise to your appropriate level but also to challenge you into new ways of moving.

Jac will always guide you through the poses, transitions and breathing verbally, demonstrating occasionally and moving around the room to assisting and provide hands-on assists or adjustments to help you find better alignment in a pose, thereby enhancing energy flow, stability, and extension. Most classes (except Yin) are not taught as simply 'following' a teacher doing poses as this is not a particularly effective way for you to learn how the pose should truly feel or to make progress.

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative practice where you can expect to hold postures for a longer period of time -often several minutes.  For this reason, although it is a slow practice, it is not a 'beginner' level practice.

Yoga Traditional (and Jivamukti) classes in particular are designed to be a vigorous experience that takes you on a journey, so expect to feel it the next day. 


One to One Private Yoga Classes

For more dediated and focused support and a bespoke practice tailored to your requirements.

If you wish to work on advancing in specific postures or gain more detailed attention and tuition.

If you are new to yoga and would prefer a detailed grounding before starting classes.

No previous yoga experience needed.  


Small Group Private Yoga Classes

Private tuition, for you and your partner, or a small group of friends wishing to learn or practice yoga together.

Sessions are arranged to suit your time requirements subject to availability.

No previous yoga experience needed.

All levels, beginner to advanced, men & women welcome.

Just a few of the benefits of Yoga…

Stretch and tone muscles safely, including deepest muscle tissues

Purify and cleanse your body from within

Develop better, long lasting posture and undo damage and strain caused by bad postural ‘habits’

Low impact to strengthen bones & joints

Enjoy better spinal alignment and mobility

Improve your balance

Feel lighter, leaner, stronger

Tone and soothe the nervous systems

Learn to relax deeply & effectively

Breathe more freely & efficiently

Improve the function of the glandular system

Reduce your stress levels

Purify and cleanse your body from within

Increase mental positivity

Improve your mental clarity, focus & efficiency

Stop being at the mercy of negative thoughts

Significantly enhance & increase energy levels

Explore life’s big questions and develop your intuition and inner wisdom

Increase creativity and inspiration

Feel completely amazing

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