What others say...

"Jac’s classes are a blessing and I’m so glad she is my yoga guide.
Jac has a natural gift of tuning in to your stresses and helps us all be a little calmer, breathe more and relax in our busy lives.
I always leave Jac’s classes feeling better for it."

"...with Jac’s help I have learnt numerous techniques to assist me with my sleep, thought patterns and how to cope in times of increased anxiety."

"Jac is an amazing teacher.
She brings to her teaching a huge range of skills; from precision in demonstrating the physical poses to her innate spirituality"

"I had dabbled in yoga for some years, but it had never compelled me to pay attention and keep returning to classes until a friend badgered me to the point of distraction and I went along to try Jac’s class.
Within 2 classes, I had totally “got” what I was not getting from any other teacher."

"…my yoga has improved and I am tackling poses previously out of my reach with her {Jac’s} support and encouragement.
Her classes are the highlight of my week."

"...it is hard to put into words what an effect Jac has had on my life. She has got me fit and flexible, opened my mind to all sorts of interesting ways of thinking, made Saturday mornings when we practice together something to look forward too and even taught me a bit of Sanskrit! I feel very, very privileged to be able to draw on this amazing person’s insight and teachings."

“I have only positive things to say about Jac and her teaching. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and she made me feel completely at home from my first session. The pacing of her classes is spot on, leaving me feel both relaxed and energised at the end of each class. She has a lovely balance of lots of variety, while making sure we’re getting better at the basics.
Her passion for yoga really shows, which helps inspire the rest of us!”

"Jac made me feel very welcome and made it easy for a complete novice like myself to start yoga and being a male student that was quite reassuring.
I started Yoga to help with neck problems but its has also helped me with stress which is a big plus!
Jac explains it all very well and demonstrates the positions very clearly.
A great teacher and I really am enjoying learning about yoga in her classes."

“…couldn’t recommend Jac and my experience any more! She was a wonderful, versatile teacher who gave close attention not just to the group but to our individual practice. She had lots of interesting insights into yoga philosophy too and was a lovely calming person to be around. Would love to go again!”

"Jac, many thanks again for the [taster] class last night. I had the best night's sleep in many months

thank you

I can't wait to join your beginners class!” 

“I just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable day on Saturday [Flow of Fire Workshop] .
I thought it was a great balance between strong asana practice and great fun partner work, not to mention the gorgeous food. Love and light.”

“I have experienced several yoga teachers over the years and she {Jac} is head and shoulders above the rest. She's also a fabulous, kind and caring individual and I feel very lucky to have found her.”


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