Workshops and yoga days are a great way to immerse into a particular area of yoga.

I offer regular workshops which provide deeper layers of insight

and experience into different areas of yoga,

whether it is exploring more advanced asana

and ways to access these, or diving into philosophy,

pranayama or meditation practices. 

Simple Steps to Headstand

Sunday 24th September 9:30am to 12:30pm 

This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn steps towards a safe and steady headstand practice. Headstand is such an iconic yoga posture, which confers palpable benefits to the whole being - yet it is often seen as unattainable.

Using simple drills and insights into the 'recipe' for headstand, this workshop will provide the tools to strengthen and engage the correct parts of the body, as well as prepare the mind for going upside down.

Salamba Śirśāsana or 'supported' headstand can be deeply meditative and of itself is not a strenuous posture, provided the correct steps are taken. Once you have mastered the preparatory and strengthening
techniques it is possible to feel very relaxed and steady in this pose.

I have taught this method of entering into headstand for 17 years to many people who feared the posture or could not otherwise find the way 'upside down' safely.

The method provides a confident and failsafe way to enter headstand, stay in it safely - and also descend with control.

There is absolutely no 'kicking up'. This workshop will share with you the process of gradually creating the strength, alignment and inner composure to elevate carefully with absolute control and to descend slowly.

Early booking advised - limited to 8 places so that I can give plenty of individual attention.
Worksheet and materials will be provided for your ongoing study and practice.

Sunday 24th September 9:30am to 12:30pm at Elmdon Lee

Sunday Sangha

Join us for a deep dive into all aspects of a glorious, fully rounded yoga practice, asana, pranayama, Sanskrit mantra, meditation and more.

Being in 'sangha' is being with a likeminded tribe or community of yogis who seek to explore the deeper aspects of practice.  If you enjoy the adventure of longer and  more challenging practices, with more depth of information than a regular class, this is perfect.

Always supportive, always informative and thought provoking. Always fun and friendly. Refreshments after practice.  Book early as Sunday Sangha often sell out quickly.

Upcoming dates 2023   from 9:30am – 12pm

Sunday 3rd September 

Sunday 8th October

Sunday 12th November

Sunday 10th December

Tickets  - £20 

At Elmdon Lee, Littlebury Green, near Saffron Walden

0778 430 1499