Upcoming Yoga and Meditation Retreats

A yoga retreat is a journey deep into yourself, to take time, to visit holy places to
deepen one's spiritual practice. Immersing oneself in meditative yoga practices,
being in sacred temples and absorbing the vibrations of sages, saints and yogis. 

MOROCCO October 2023
At gorgeous boutique hotel, Tigmi near Marrakech. Nestled in a remote Berber village around 30 minutes from Marrakech, this is a stunning back-drop for a yoga and meditation retreat - learn more

UBUD, BALI April 2024
The yoga shala overlooks lush green jungle - stunning setting, luxury Balinese Villa accommodation, delicious healthy food - 9 nights -  learn more

KERALA , South India February 2025
Practice yoga in the mystical land where yoga began thousands of years ago...India.
This is such an exquisite location that we are returning for a third time.  A highly popular retreat -9 nights. Yoga shala set beside the tropical forest next to the river. learn more 

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The magic of Retreats...
what to expect and why people return on retreat with me again and again...

A yoga retreat is deeply precious time, a true investment in your health and well-being.
What many people do not initially realize is that a retreat provides such deep time for personal reflection, that often it serves as a time for breakthroughs, insights and sometimes even serves as a catalyst for deciding to make life changes.

You have a unique view of your life on retreat, when you step outside and above your everyday, it is easier to see the way forwards - including any changes in direction. In this way some people see retreats not as a luxury to 'switch off' but as a periodic necessity to really 'tune in' and gain a unique insight into life. In ancient yoga times, yogis would retreat off to Himalayan caves to meditate and gain clarity.

In searching for and researching retreat venues I always partner with venues in natural and stunning locations around the world, to allow you to experience a totally different and highly potent, inspiring energy. However, in addition to the natural beauty, another ingredient is the ethos of our hosts.

I love to partner with hosts who are far more than just running their wellness business but are also contributing to a better world. For example through sustainable farming methods and cultivation of land in traditional ways and preservation of ancient buildings. Or by providing support for local village children in schools in rural areas and jobs for local men and women. 

And every time we go on retreat, our group of loyal yogis just seems to grow and grow, with many returning year on year to join me in locations all over the world.

So how does a typical day on retreat look? 

Early meditation session - having precious time to meditate is a huge benefit of being on retreat and I always offer a daily platform early in the morning for people to immerse in meditation.

Some of the places we have meditated include: 
*a pre-dawn meditation walk up into the foothills of the High Atlas mountains in Morocco, where we watched the sun rise from behind the majestic Atlas landscape and then meandered back through an ancient mountain village as it stirred to life with the sounds of breakfast being made.
*in an open-sided shala beside a river surrounded by tropical Keralan forest and the sounds of nature all around
*On a remote Andalusian hillside surrounded by olive trees - as the sun was rising on one side the moon was also still pendant in the sky on the other. The perfect balance of Moon and Sun.
*In the hills of Portugal overlooking valleys and forests.

and there are many more..

Morning asana practice - we take a vigorous practice which builds gradually over time, together with philosophy, Sanskrit chanting, pranayama.

Late afternoon practice - this will alternate between nourishing deep practices, Yin Yoga and Restorative, Yoga Nidra, deeper philosophy Dharma Talks and Discussions, meditation and mantra. 

A kirtan, Sanskrit devotional chanting.  On all my retreats you are invited deeper - it is never only about physical yoga poses. Mantra is such a powerful practice and it is always present in all my teachings, not least on the retreats I lead.

Meals on retreat are taken generally as a group. This is a lovely community atmosphere which enables you to be inspired and supported by the others in the group. Depending upon the venue, some venues opt for a large brunch and a dinner (with breakfast being help yourself to cereals and fruit, coffee, tea etc), whereas at others it is 3 meals a day.
Prepare to be delighted by the food on retreat...and also to really feel the abundance of natural and beautifully made meals.


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