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"The practices will be specifically to invite deeper inquiry into your practice physically but also to give you space and time to create a foundation for ‘Sadhana’ (ongoing conscious spiritual practice)." - Jac

Sacred Fire,
Summer Yoga Retreat,
La Rosa Dei 4 Venti

Puglia, Italy, July 2022 (7 nights)

Back to Yoga’s True Roots…

This is a unique yoga retreat, in a sacred setting where you will immerse in traditional yoga practices which will deepen your understanding of the true purpose and goal of yoga and connect you to your inner fire which ignites and inspires.
Increase your ’tapasya’ (burning enthusiasm for your practice) and learn techniques to enable you to do so.

La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is a bespoke and beautiful retreat centre in Puglia, Italy. It is an exquisite and rare sanctuary lovingly created for contemplation, meditation, deep practice, revelations and transformations as the week unfolds.

S P A C E   T O   R E T R E A T . . .  T O   R E C O N N E C T. . .  
T O   J O U R N A L. . .  T O   R E A D
H O L I S T I C   T R E A T M E N T S. . .  
E A T   N O U R I S H I N G   H E A L T H Y   F O O D

I hope you can join us on this retreat.


Yoga & Meditation Classes
at La Rosa Dei 4 Venti, Italy

Having spent 20 years immersing myself into the teachings of yoga and sharing the teachings since studying in India a decade and a half ago, the practices which you will encounter on this retreat include classic and detailed pranayama, Sanskrit mantra and meditation, asana practices to support the body’s overall strength and vitality and balance the nervous system and hormones. This all serves to increase the intensity of the ‘fire’ within. I will weave philosophical and spiritual teachings into all practices so as to bring them fully to life.

Being on retreat is perfect to re-set your mental and physical compass and take time to deeply contemplate and evaluate your intention and direction and re-set energetic boundaries before returning to everyday life. Many people find after time on retreat they are able to act with great clarity in making decisions and life choices. Being able to relax deeply, you will be able to connect to your own deep reserves of wisdom. Being in Sangha, a like minded community of others is a powerful way  for your journey to be both a deeply personal experience, yet feel supported and nurtured.

Welcome to the Sacred Fire retreat

The Week at a Glance

Saturday - arrivals from 6pm, welcome meeting, Yoga & Satsang, Dinner

Sunday to Friday - a typical day’s schedule:
7.00am Early Meditation & Peace Chants
7.30am Early morning tea & fruits
8am to 10am YOGA Practice - asana, pranayama, kriya
BRUNCH - exact time to be advised
Free time to relax, take massages / treatments, go for walks
5.30pm - 7.00pm YOGA
7.30pm DINNER
The final Saturday —morning departures -  (check out of rooms before 8:30am)

On two of the evenings there will be a kirtan and satsang after dinner in addition to the introductory satsang on day 1.

On one day we will reschedule slightly to shift our morning practice a little earlier, miss the afternoon yoga practice to allow bodily recuperation and to take any excursions to explore the magic of Italy.

NB: there is also some exciting **BONUS CONTENT** on this retreat for yoga teachers and advanced 
practitioner - in that there will be optional enrichment sessions in Sanskrit, Philosophy and complex asana at 3:30pm on 4 dates.

Our hosts &
La Rosa Dei 4 Venti

S A N C T U S…

La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is a magical sanctuary, in Puglia, Italy.

Translated as ’The Gods speak through the voice of the winds’.

Every tiny detail here is mindfully crafted to support your journey of health and wellbeing, from the exquisitely curated bedrooms, each one unique, to the pure and serene, fully equipped yoga shala.

This place is not a hotel but a unique place of beauty, run by a family who uphold the principles of
“Ashram” ~ a sacred place to go deep within.

The philosophy of food and eating is one of purity, superb taste, gorgeous presentation and healthful abundance.

Each bedroom is unique with its own special features, and is presided over by its own
sacred statue, be it the Buddha, Green Tara or another Boddhisattva adding
unique energy and tranquility to your stay, beyond the yoga practices.
Some rooms include a mezzanine level, perfect for a group of 3 to share.

All done with love.

La Rosa Dei 4 Venti

Potash Barns, Brundish, Suffolk

August 2021
June 2018
August 2017
"The Path of the Jivanmuktah - Daily Steps to Freedom"

The peace and tranquility of the Suffolk countryside holds the space for deep practices of yoga, meditation, contemplation and transformation. This is an opportunity to really deepen your spiritual as well as physical yoga practice on this JIvamukti yoga weekend with Jac.  

When we deal solely in externals ignoring things which connect us to our own soul, life can become extremely dry and uncompromising. One of the 5 core 'tenets' of Jivamukti yoga is 'Bhakti' , or devotional practice. This can take the form of mantra, meditation or simply through devoting the actions of our lives for the benefit of others and in so doing, we are serving the divine essence within ourselves. In so doing, we become free, liberated - or to use Sanskrit, we become a Jivanmuktah (one who experiences bliss and freedom whilst living life).   

The weekend's offerings are  literally 'soul-food', including  full-length jivamukti yoga classes, yin and restorative yoga, morning meditation, kirtan chanting.

The accommodation is high-end rustic converted barns, each with several bedrooms and shared bathrooms, a kitchen area and plenty of places to sit and relax (see photographs taken last year). Little goats frolic happily in the field behind the yoga shala.

There will be opportunity to book in for massage therapies with the local holistic therapist. 

The food is delicious, wholesome and vegan. We have used local chef, Rebecca Haigh for previous retreats and her food, including her cakes is divine.  

Monte Na Luz Portugal

September 2018 
May 2016
September 2015  
Co-hosted with Dawn Wright

We are returning for a third time to the beautiful hillsides of Portugal for an autumn yoga retreat at gorgeous retreat. Jac and Dawn have been offering yoga retreats in beautiful, natural locations accross the world for many years - these are always popular and many people having attended one, return again and again.

Monte Na Luz means 'The Mountain of the Light'. Our home for the retreat is a beautiful purpose built centre nestled in the hillsides above the Algarve, where olive and pine trees provide shade from the bright mediterranean sun.

Accommodation is simple and rustic but clean and comfortable, each room having an ensuite toilet and shower.  Meals are mostly eaten al fresco as the climate is beautifully warm in September. Yoga sessions are offered at least twice per day, often more than this, including the opportunity for philosophy 'dharma' talks under the shade of the trees.

Classes take place in a beautful purpose build octagonal yoga shala which has panoramic views accross the Portuguese countryside and hills,

Jac and her co-host Dawn are both senior teachers, collectively holding more than 30 years yoga teaching experience.  They are highly skilled and knowledgable, yet very approcahable and the retreats are always relaxed and down-to-earth. 

Hacienda in Andalusia,

October 2016

An Autumn Yoga Escape

Dawn & Jac are delighted to be offering another opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga  and relaxation in beautiful, sun drenched surroundings.

This retreat venue is  exceptional. ”The Hacienda” is blessed to nestle in 5 acres of its own private woodland, the home of many pine and olive trees. We will be in the beautiful Andalusian hills with panoramic views in a true rustic hideaway lovingly crafted especially for yoga and meditation

Each day will offer an early morning yoga pracce (8am) to invigorate and energise, followed by a  delicious self-service breakfast. There will be lots of free me to spend however you feel, relaxing by, or dipping into the beauful infinity pool with views across the countryside, or walking , reading or taking massages or treatments. 

After lunch, in the afternoons, there will be different yoga classes on offer throughout the retreat led by Jac and Dawn, including Vinyasa Flow, Jivamuk Yoga, Yin and Restorave Yoga, as well as a Basics Class. Meditaon sessions will be available. 

A 3 course vegetarian dinner will be a chance to have a glass of wine and enjoy the company of fellow yogis and yoginis.

Tigmi, Morocco 

October 2014

On the outskirts of a traditional Moroccan Berber village, Tigmi, retreat hotel and spa. 

Meandering corridors and courtyard paths lead to twenty-four authentically-furnished, comfortable rooms. Plunge pools, secret terraces, charming gardens and a myriad of quiet corners in which to relax, read and recharge.

A visit to the hammam (public bathhouse) is a Moroccan tradition. The resident therapist will also be on hand to provide a range of exfoliation and massage treatments using authentic Moroccan skincare products that contain indigenous herbs, fruits and oils.

Situated in the westerly part of North Africa, Morocco is officially a Kingdom. Geographically Morocco contains a wealth of contrast with coastlines on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, as well as bordering the Sahara desert.  

The rugged backbone of the country, are the ancient high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, which form the breath-taking setting for our yoga retreat at Salama.  

Kasbahs, camels and traditional Berber villages with working shepherds are all part of the High Atlas scenery.  

All this, just a one hour mountain drive from the bustling , hustling hubbub of mystical but manic, Marrakech. 

Salama, Morocco 

April 2014

Each day will begin peacefully with an  ayurvedic Moroccan tea blend, especially created by Salama, followed by a gentle and energising hatha flow yoga class in the indoor yoga shala surrounded by panoramic mountain views. 

A delicious Moroccan breakfast will follow  our practice. 

There is then some time for you to relax, explore or take rejuvenating treatments.

For those wishing to take their  physical practice deeper, in addition to the morning class, Jacqueline will be offering a more vigorous and dynamic Vinyasa Flow class.

Salama Ayurveda is a tranquil oasis nestling in a winding valley amid olive and citrus groves set against the perfect backdrop of the ancient and majestic Atlas Mountains.

This remote and inspiring space is truly a natural source of peace, where the stresses of daily life simply melt away. The retreat centre forms the perfect oasis for our 5 night yoga retreat. 

Salama bases its values on purity, simplicity and health.

0778 430 1499