Yoga Retreat, Dewalokam,
Kerala, India
February 2025 

I am delighted to again be offering this extra special yoga retreat to the
birthplace of yoga, India. 

9 nights 1st to 10th February 2025

Kerala is one of India’s most Southern states and is quite different from many other regions of India.
As a region, it is diversely rich from the tropical sandy beaches of the coast awash with colourful temples, to the richly green jungles and lazy meandering backwaters right up to the lush tea plantations winding high through the hills of the Western Ghats where the mist settles on the mountains, morning and evening.

Kerala truly hosts a wealth of beautiful plant and animal life as well as its own unique culture within India. The landscape is abundantly green. Due to Kerala’s enduring beauty, within India it is known as ‘God’s own Country’.

The people of Kerala are truly welcoming and Kerala is where the sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda originated. There are many wonderful Ayurvedic treatments that can be found all around the region, including where we will be staying.

If you have not been to India before, it is place quite unlike any other and we have set out a section towards the end of the document about the culture of India.

Yoga & Meditation Classes
In Kerala

This is a traditional yoga ‘retreat’ rather than a ‘yoga holiday’. The practices will be specifically to invite deeper inquiry into your practice physically but also to give you space and time to create a foundation for ‘Sadhana’ (ongoing conscious spiritual practice).

There is no place more perfect than India for deepening your connection to Yoga as this is the land from which the yogic teachings emanate.

The exact schedule will be published nearer the time but a typical ‘full' day at Dewalokam will look like this:

Early meditation session

Morning asana practice - taught in the Jivamukti method, which is renowned for being physically strong and rigorous, together with philosophy, Sanskrit chanting, pranayama.

Late afternoon practice - this will alternate between nourishing deep practices, Yin Yoga and Restorative, Yoga Nidra, deeper philosophy Dharma Talks and Discussions, meditation and mantra. 

One evening - A kirtan, Sanskrit devotional chanting.

On one day we will have only a morning class with the rest of the day free.
On the day of departure there will be no yoga sessions.
On the day of arrival there will be a gentle grounding evening practice and introductions.
You are invited to bring notepads, pens and journal. Take any notes relating to the classes
and teachings.

As it is believed that most benefit will be gained from attending as many of the sessions as
possible, we invite you to consider before booking if this is the right type of practice for you.
If you are unsure, speak to Jac. 

"The eternal's how it goes, from the beginning of time:-
Your deepest, innermost eternal self starts to call to you, like your beloved calling out your name.
You think you hear something but you can't be sure. It is so difficult to hear amidst the loud competing thoughts and compelling voices and the brashness of a world that wants to claim you for its own.
Yet this whispering voice which has travelled through time, space and countless lifetimes, longs to be heard and to dance playfully again upon the rise and fall of your breath.
The drumbeat of your heart ushers it in...a flute sounds from somewhere deep inside. From this point there is no turning back to a life less extraordinary.
And so the dance begins...
"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama
Rama Rama, Hare Hare"

Our hosts & Dewalokam

‘Lokam’ - like ‘Lokah’ means or realm and Dewa is an alternative spelling of ‘Deva’ meaning the Gods. Home of the Gods.

Dewalokam is the ancestral home of many generations - Jose and his wife Sinta currently look after this traditional Keralan homestead and working organic farm. It is an oasis of calm, peace and the wonders of Keralan nature are all around. Jose and Sinta together with their family assisted by loyal local Keralans run Dewalokam according to organic sustainability, cultivating their own crops and organic produce, including honey.

Sustainable living and eco-friendly travel is the motto of Dewalokam. Bio-diversity is maintained with the help of choice ayurvedic herbals and a variety of native fruit plants. The organic waste produced here is recycled with the help of fish, birds, animals and a compost unit. Cooking fuel is produced with the help of a biogas plant and solar energy is tapped for the water heating system. Dewalokam produce much more than is consumed at the resort.

Dewalokam is hidden away by the river and is in rural Kerala away from the towns and busier coastal resorts. Here you will enjoy an authentic taste and experience of rural India, which is an energy lost in the beach resorts elsewhere in Kerala. Be prepared to get back to nature and become surrounded by and uplifted by all of her beauty.

Dewalokam has earned a certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor and has deservedly many 5* reviews resulting in a 5* rating. The farm has been awarded the ‘Best Integrated Farm Award’ from the Government of Kerala. People, animals and nature are in harmony with the earth.


0778 430 1499