Regular yoga classes

Yin Yoga
(Fridays 9:30am to 10:45)

Jivamukti Yoga
(Tuesdays 6:30pm to 8pm)

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the slow deliberate yielding into a yoga pose, whilst allowing the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments and fascia) to gradually find space. This allows the body to release deeply held tensions and restrictions and feels wonderful.

Furthermore and very uniquely, Yin yoga works upon principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), using the body's energetic lay-lines (called 'meridians') in a similar way to acupuncture and acupressure to improve the flow of energy ('Qi') through the body, including to the organs. 

Yin yoga can be practised as a stand-alone yoga practice or as a valuable way to intelligently balance out a ore dynamic 'yang' practice and to improve deep flexibility.

Jac weaves philosophy, breath-work and meditation into each class, making it a special experience to inspire you in further personal practice and study.

These classes are very popular and booking is essential to avoid disappointment.   

These classes are very popular and booking is essential to avoid disappointment.   

"Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy." ~ Bernie Clark

Jivamukti Yoga 

Jivamukti Yoga is a powerful method of practice focusing on rigorous, traditional aspects of yoga. It is deliberately a challenging practice which works deeply into the body, mind and energy, encouraging individual progression and to understand the nature of our own consciousness.

In a Jivamukti class you can expect

Powerful and effective asana (physical yoga)
Pranayama and kriya (energy enhancement practices)
Sanskrit chanting of mantra
Subtle practices from Hatha Yoga (bandha, mudra, drishti points)
Yoga philosophy and wisdom from traditional texts

Vinyasa Krama – yoga sequencing focusing on particular areas of physicality and building in intensity to explore ore complex posture-work

Prāṇāyāma - breath-work at intermediate level
Philosophy – teachings from the yoga texts: Upanisad, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra, Vedic texts

Mantra – chanting in Sanskrit is a meditative practice with profound effects on the energy of body and mind. Mantra draws our consciousness away from the chatter of the mind, invoking different levels of energy within.

Relaxation – The final act of śavāsana is the yogic art of letting go, which reminds us of the impermanence of this life and re-focuses us upon the eternal aspect of our consciousness. 

**Jivamukti Yoga classes are not advised for newcomers (beginners).
Please take preliminary beginner lessons or a course prior to joining this class.** 

"The world is your best teacher. There is a lesson in everything. There is a lesson in each experience. Learn it and become wise. Every failure is a stepping stone to success..." ~ Swami Sivananda  Saraswati

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