Tigmi, Morocco

Near Marrakech
7 nights - 21st to 28th October 2023

On the outskirts of a traditional Moroccan Berber village, Tigmi, retreat hotel and spa. 

Meandering corridors and courtyard paths lead to twenty-four authentically-furnished, comfortable rooms. Plunge pools, secret terraces, charming gardens and a myriad of quiet corners in which to relax, read and recharge.

A visit to the hammam (public bathhouse) is a Moroccan tradition. The resident therapist will also be on hand to provide a range of exfoliation and massage treatments using authentic Moroccan skincare products that contain indigenous herbs, fruits and oils.

Situated in the westerly part of North Africa, Morocco is officially a Kingdom. Geographically Morocco contains a wealth of contrast with coastlines on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, as well as bordering the Sahara desert.  

The rugged backbone of the country, are the ancient high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, which form the breath-taking setting for our yoga retreat at Salama.  

Kasbahs, camels and traditional Berber villages with working shepherds are all part of the High Atlas scenery.  

All this, just a one hour mountain drive from the bustling , hustling hubbub of mystical but manic, Marrakech. 


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